Jaleel Awini: “I Can’t Complain”

Jaleel Awini transferred from the United States Air Force Academy football program to the University of Colorado, about an hour and a half away by car. A standout high school football player from the Denver area, he grew up dreaming of playing for CU.Jaleel Awini

About the only drawback to the switch was that his customary position was not available, so the quarterback became a linebacker. “I am enjoying it,” the 6-foot-2, 220-pound Awini said after making the switch. “I was a little sad a couple of times about moving from quarterback, but I just wanted to help the team in any way.”

In his senior year at Rangeview High School, Jaleel Awini was named Colorado’s Gatorade Player of the Year. He ran for more than a thousand yards and threw twenty-three touchdown passes with only one interception. He played quarterback at the Air Force Academy and hoped to be taking snaps at CU, but that wasn’t in the cards. “We have a pretty good quarterback right now in Sefo,” he said at the time, meaning Sefo Liufau. “So I can’t complain.” In time, he found himself back on offense as a wide receiver.

Prior to his transfer to CU, Awini had received full scholarship offers to such schools as Colorado State University, Vanderbilt University, East Washington University and the Air Force Academy.

Always an excellent student, Jaleel Awini majored in Economics and graduated in December of 2016.

Visit: https://jaleelawini.wordpress.com/about


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