Jaleel Awini: Catching On Quick

Jaleel Awini excelled in both the classroom and on the athletic field as a student at Rangeview High School in Aurora, Colorado. Jaleel Awini maintained a 3.17 grade point average, and was the sports editor of the school newspaper.

But it was his athletic prowess that really made people take notice. “He is the fastest player on the field, and runs so effortlessly that he looks like he never shifts into full gear,” said the head coach of one of Rangeview’s rivals. “Athletically, he is on a different level than nearly ever player in our state.”

That ability earned him the 2010-11 Gatorade Football Player of the Year award. His senior year on the gridiron was truly exceptional. The six-foot three-inch quarterback led his team to an eleven-and-one record and took them to the Class 5A state quarterfinals. His quarterback stats were remarkable. He threw for 1,266 yards with twenty-three touchdowns and just one interception, completing seventy-eight of 136 passes. He also carried the ball 116 time for 1,078 yards with sixteen touchdowns.

Awini’s athletic accomplishments in high school caught the eye of schools throughout the country, and earned him scholarship offers to such well-known programs as Colorado State University, East Washington University, Vanderbilt and the Air Force Academy.

After two years in the football program at the Air Force Academy, Jaleel Awini transferred to the University of Colorado, where he’d always dreamed of playing. “He’s doing a really good job,” said head coach Mike MacIntyre. “He’s got speed and running some things down. He’s catching on quick.”


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