Jaleel Awini: Always An Athlete

Jaleel Awini grew up in the Denver, Colorado area playing team sports. Jaleel Awini‘s athletic ability, honed by hears of practice and play, resulted in him winning four college scholarship offers.

“I have been an athlete all my life,” he says. “Played football, basketball and baseball in high school, Played football in college on athletic scholarship, two years at the Air Force Academy and two years at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I was the quarterback at the Air Force Academy and switched to wide receiver at CU.”

His skill as a quarterback won him the Gatorade Colorado High School Player of the Year for 2010-11. But playing in multiple sports is what turned him into an excellent all-around athlete.

Former pro player and current NBA Vice President Kiki VanDeWeghe says all kids should play as many different sports as they can. “Youths participating in sports have opportunities to enhance self-esteem, socialize with peers and improve general health and fitness, setting the stage for an active adult lifestyle.”

Jaleel Awini also excelled in the classroom, maintaining a 3.17 grade point average. His interests include real estate, politics, finance, and the law, and he earned a degree in Economics at the University of Colorado.


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