Jaleel Awini: Volunteer Experience

Jaleel Awini is a native Coloradan who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Jaleel Awini played as a wide receiver and a quarterback for the CU Buffs, where he earned an excellent reputation for his dedication to the team. Mr. Awini’s friends say that he has a big heart on and off the field, and he’s known as a compassionate person who’s always looking for ways to help.

“Growing up, I used to go with my mom to help feed homeless people at shelters and I still do,” said Jaleel Awini. He also volunteers with nursing homes, literacy programs and food banks.

“I can’t believe the determination he has,” said Mr. Awini’s father. “All that he believes is if there’s a will there’s a way, and you can achieve anything.”

Mr. Awini’s family members aren’t the ones who attest to his giving, driven nature. His coach at the University of Colorado frequently praised him for his upbeat nature.

“He’s had a tough ride, and wishes he was playing more,” said Jaleel Awini’s CU Buffs coach during an interview about an injury Awini suffered. “But it’s the way it’s worked out. He told me the other day, ‘Coach, I just want to help any way I can help.’ That means a lot.”


Jaleel Awini: How to Become a Better Baseball Player

Before becoming a successful college football player, Jaleel Awini showed his athletic prowess at Rangeview High School as a four-sport athlete. Along with participating in football, basketball, and track, he was a star player on the baseball team. Baseball is a game that requires both physical and mental strength and requires both talent and effort to succeed.baseball-1680863_960_720.jpg

Here are things you can do to improve your skills and make yourself a valuable part of your team.

  1. In order to succeed at anything, you have to have a passion for it. Dedicate yourself to the game by watching baseball, reading about it, and playing it. This will give you the drive needed to keep going and improve your game.
  2. Spend time every day practicing. Participate in team and solo drills and always be working on something that will help you to improve your skills.
  3. Utilize a batting tee to help you with your swing. Practicing off a tee on a regular basis will help you to perfect your swing.
  4. Strength training is an important aspect of any sport. When you incorporate a consistent strength-training routine with your practice, you’ll improve your endurance and the power and velocity of your hits.  
  5. Avoid staying on a team just because you are the most experienced player. Take the opportunity to join a team where you are less experienced. This will allow you to learn and improve your skills much faster.baseball-2242378_960_720.png

As a baseball player, your development is never finished. Continually working on your skills will help you improve your game and become a better player. Jaleel Awini is a former college football player who enjoyed playing baseball in high school.